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Grooming / Manscaping

How in the world does someone get started doing Manscaping for a living? Well, I was on a Master's swim team practicing at the local pool three times per week when I started massage school. I eMailed my team mates asking for volunteers to allow me to practice on them what I learned in class each week. Before I finished the first month of classes, I was doing massage on nearly the entire team.
We all know swimmers like to be smooth and a couple of my team mates asked me to shave them smooth. Word got out and here you are, wanting to schedule an appointment to get some manscaping done.
If this will be your first session with me, we'll sit a bit so you can guide me on how best to serve you. Areas you want groomed, whether just a trim or a full shave, skin sensitivities, the look you want to achieve -- all are important to tailor the manscaping session to your needs.
Whatever you'd like done, from neck to toes, I'lll see to it that you're happy with the results. All tools are cleaned and sterilized after each client. And all razors are disposable and used only once. My studio is dedicated to bodywork so nothing will disturb your grooming session. Nicely lit, the room and massage table are heated ever-so-slightly warmer than the rest of the world ... making it very easy for you to feel safe, relaxed, and well taken care of.

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