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Often, clients tell me my hands get very warm. That's Reiki energy pushing through. I've been a Reiki Master for nearly two decades and have helped many find peace through this wonderful Eastern healing modality. Reiki and other types of Energy Healing have been around for thousands of years.
My Reiki teacher pointed to me as I entered class on the first day and said "you have a gift". Not a great believer at the time, I soon became convinced that this Energy work was a force in the world. I then became her apprentice for a year and spent hundreds of hours learning and practicing. It soon became evident that those in need would somehow find me.
Since those early days, I've helped many find peace, healing, resolve, contentment. Client after client has reported that their Reiki sessions with me have helped to reduce stress, increase vitality, and generally help people find center. As one client put it "it's like massage for the soul".
My studio is dedicated to bodywork and is the perfect environment for Reiki. Softly lit, the room and massage table are heated ever-so-slightly warmer than the rest of the world ... making it very easy for you to snuggle in ... imagine it as my warm, skilled hands make their first touch ...

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